Personalized lessons, with a twist

I chose to write this article in order to explain some of the insights that I use in my methodology.
Mainly this article’s target is to give you an idea about the lessons @GuitarProf’s studio, and is a replacement for a FAQ on this specific topic. (the Prof)


✓ Guitar Lessons @GuitarProf are extremely focused on the amps output. So the practical aspect is the most important of them all. PLAYING GUITAR is the priority here! But because Music Theory acts a key role in this process, we make sure you don’t miss out on it.


Depending on your skills’ level, your knowledge and the program/s you will attend, you will benefit of both theoretical and practical meetings. For example: if your theoretical knowledge is at an intermediate level, but your practical skills are lower than that, then we will obviously increase your skills in order to create a balance between the two aspects – because only together these aspects will eventually form the whole: the musician.


✓ At a glance, all our programs provide at least 1 weekly session where some theoretical subjects will be approached – and that is to make sure your theoretical knowledge meets (at least) your guitar playing skills.


Aside from the weekly meetings, the prof will organise Music Theory classes, that are also part of each program’s curriculum.
All the administrative questions about those classes will be cleared at the right time with the Prof.

Please note that WORKSHOPS on very specific theoretical subjects are also available @GuitarProf.


The lessons’ flexibility is defined by our policy, but also depends on your personal approach. So I need you to be sure you want to make improvements in your guitar playing, before having to decide what curriculum fits you best. (the Prof)


✓ As you may notice from our Lessons page, the teaching and training programs are designed in such a manner that you will attend at least 2 practical sessions per week. Normaly, these 2 sessions are divided into 1 solo and 1 ensemble meeting.


We prefer this teaching approach as it is very important for us to INTEGRATE all your skills and knowledge into your playing.
If the integration process is very poor (for example, you only attend solo meetings and we just wait for the moment when you become a pro :), then your chances to succeed in the process are also very poor.
The same thing happens when you only attend ensemble meetings: without the solo sessions, your very personal specific problems will not go away by themselves, as many people use to mistakenly think.


✓ @GuitarProf we make sure YOU CAN PLAY AWESOME!
So the ensemble meetings are not only recommended, but are also integrated into our methodology.


The ensemble and solo sessions are designed in such a manner, that only together will deliver an obvious outstanding progress for our students. Please note that both session types can vary in terms of length and pattern, taking into account the different personal goals, stage of development and target for each session. It is important to understand that each session has a very particular purpose and it is a crucial link for the whole program.


All programs can be upgraded to an INTENSIVE model, which basically increases the length or the number of sessions, depending on your choices and particularity of each session. Therefore, this program version can deliver great results in a shorter amount of time.


Due to its characteristics, the intensive version is also designed for students that cannot practice much at home.
Students that have upgraded their program to INTENSIVE get bonus Music Theory classes and the Scales & Modes workshops.


Our most special offer is the ELITE Pack – with an exquisite structure and a huge amount of benefits.


Its efficiency is at extremely top levels, giving you the opportunity to freely attend any of the GuitarProf’s high-end WORKSHOPS in combination with the INTENSIVE version characteristics.
Feel free to contact us if you need more details on our upgraded programs.