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First things first: breakthrough without a mentor is almost impossible. And when it eventually becomes possible, the process can be so boring & painful, that often the “yet-to-be” musician decides to give up.
Secondly: time management is a key aspect in developing a flawless guitar playing technique. Here, @GuitarProf, we are focusing a lot on spending quality time with the student, in the most efficient manner – all in the pursuit of helping you take your guitar playing to the next level and showing you the right steps for walking this path.  Regardless if you have been playing guitar for a while or you are just considering to start right away, you are very welcome to choose from one of our available programs.
The classes are personalized and adapted to your needs and goals.
We’ve designed our service packages in such a manner that you will get the most suitable solution for your guitar playing.
You will also receive your own personalized studying strategy, but at the same time you will have the opportunity to meet other students with similar preferences and needs, to play together and share knowledge.
Being a student @GuitarProf is not a matter of for whom you want to play, but rather of the way you want to do it.

Prof certification

Certified Music Teacher. Electric Guitar Coach & Music Theory Instructor. Rhythmic Music Enthusiast.


GuitarProf is the online persona of music teacher Gabriel Roman.

Approved & certified by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Prof has a background formation at the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, RO, where he obtained his Music Teacher Diploma & Pedagogical Certification back in 2010.


Following are a long series of gigs, musical bootcamps & events, along with the Prof's settling down in Copenhagen, DK (read more here).


Main domains of activity:


  • electric (& acoustic) guitar coaching - together with the Prof you can approach musical genres like: rock, blues, funk or fusion, through an outstanding methodology that best suits your needs and that shapes you into the musician you want to be
  • music theory instructor - even if theoretical discipline is not quite your thing, the Prof knows how to seamlessly integrate relevant & intelligible pieces of music theory into your practice, without getting you bored with indigestible information and making the learning process more enjoyable
  • rhythmic music enthusiast - if you love nowadays' sound & are looking for a GuitarProf without rigid beliefs, but still with an 'old-school' formation... well, you are in the right place!

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