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We are currently located in Valby, Copenhagen, in a dedicated music studio that can host both solo & ensemble meetings, but also theory classes & music related events.

During this *free* initial meeting you will be assessed by The Prof in order to find out what program suits you best and to choose the right strategy for your musical needs and goals.

We prefer English in order to communicate efficiently & to avoid any possible misunderstanding. The Prof can also speak Danish at a conversational level.

The Prof encourages you to bring your own guitar. 
The studio is equipped with everything you need to plug & play (cables, amplifiers etc). 

And you are very welcome to bring your own favourite gear (like a pedal board, for ex), if you feel more comfortable using it.

You can actually find parking right in front of the studio. 
We are in the Yellow Zone, so the price is 9 kr. per hour. 

We have no age limit, as long as you are motivated  & passionate about playing guitar.

Yes, you can attend as many programs at a time as you like.

And for this specific request, our recommendation is to consider the INTENSIVE model.

If you are in the impossibility of attending a class, you have to announce us with at least 24 hours in advance.

Only this way can we reschedule our meeting, so you can still attend that class.

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