Novice Pack

Do you want to learn guitar FAST & WELL, while also building a solid foundation to your future guitar playing?




The Novice pack is properly designed to help you:


  • meet the instrument (aka guitar anatomy, correct hands position, correct posture etc)
  • get familiar with the chords & rhythm and how to integrate them
  • play simple tunes, with a low difficulty level
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Early Intermediate

After you fix the first chords on your guitar & learn the major scale, it’s time for you to WALK THE PATH OF YOUR FAVOURITE GUITAR PLAYERS.


This program provides you with:


  • the very basics of solo-ing, like: vibrato, bending, alternate picking etc
  • loads of cool “tooltips”, that will add more expression to your sound and help you put your own twist to it
  • increased chording abilities, like: clean & fast chords switching
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Late Intermediate

This program is literally the ‘MISSING LINK’ between regular and outstanding guitar playing.


At this stage, we will assimilate everything you learned until now, by adding:


  • speed, in order to sound awesome, without being boring or exaggerated
  • combined guitar techniques, in order to deliver awesome solos and riffs in no time
  • your own personality & twist, so that your solos & progressions are perceived as the polished work-of-art of a true professional
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Bug Fixing

A wrong approach on the process of learning is usually the root cause of bad habits, that can further cause serious problems to your guitar playing.


These 'bugs' will make you sound sloppy, unfinished and... well... generally bad as a guitarist.


The BUG FIXING kit breaks down each & every aspect of your guitar playing and helps you fix these issues *ASAP*. You will be attending:


  • solo meetings, where we strategically survey your guitar playing and build a custom strategy to repair, avoid and overcome bugs
  • ensemble meetings, where we apply everything that you learned in the solo meetings PLUS you have the opportunity to play alongside guitarists that had the same challenges
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Band Coaching

* Initially designed for guitar & bass, this program is also open to any other band member that wants to join the strings experience  

Musicians in a band must have strong bonds and "speak the same language", in order to be able to sound like a WHOLE.


Nowadays everyone has a different opinion about how a certain part of the song must sound like...


So, whether you're a drummer, a bass player or a vocal, *this program* enables you to:


  • play your ideas to your band mates, or have a ‘musical opinion' concerning final touches
  • easily communicate in terms of harmony and theory with other musicians
  • know exactly what to ask from your band mates, in order to make them feel your groove without pushing them out of their 'territory' 
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Guitar Workout

I am going to COACH YOU WHILE PRACTICING. The same thing that a gym coach does, but here we "workout" our playing skills, not our muscles.


Here are the first steps we will take together, in the Guitar Workout program:


  • first of all you will learn how, what and when to practice guitar, in order to increase your skills and get noticeable results from one session to another
  • then, if you don’t have time or other resources (including disposition) to practice alone at home, you will do it *HERE* - and this way we make sure you practice (for REAL!) at least once a week
  • after a few sessions, you will enjoy home practice as well, being inspired, motivated and guided by the program, by your colleagues and the Prof
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Gear & Sound

Talkin’ bout a good guitarist, sound is one of the most important aspects that one has to ‘polish’ in order to make it into the pro’s world.    This workshop's target is to explain to you how you should use gear to your advantage, in terms of sound quality:


  • we will be covering all the technology pieces that make you sound *awesome* - from guitar models to pickups, amps, preamps, cabinets, speakers and down to effects (like drive, distortion, delay, reverb, modulation, and so on) and the various ways of connecting them
  • we will also have lots of fun with *filtering* (EQ’s, High Pass, Low Pass, Gates) and *compression*
  • you won’t miss the famous *digital vs analog* ‘war’ and many other interesting pieces of information that the majority of guitar players out-there have not heard much about

NOTE 1: Limited number of seats. Reserve yours now!

NOTE 2: To attend this class you are not supposed to know or do anything in advance.

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Scales & Modes

I know you are tempted to think that this class is a theory class. Well, you are right at some level: these subjects are indeed part of the Theoretical discipline.   However, for many musicians, and especially guitarists, these subjects may need special care, due to the fact that they represent the very fabrics of rhythmic music.


The target is to:


  • make you aware, make you understand and use wisely the most important scales and modes that contemporary musicians are attracted to
  • improve all your playing areas, by understanding the substance of music

Grab your guitar and let's do some upgrades, by expanding your knowledge and skills.  And don’t wait until you are ‘ready’ for it:  THE TIME IS NOW!


NOTE 1: Limited number of seats. Reserve yours now!

NOTE 2: To attend this class you are expected to have minimum music theory knowledge.

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Chords & Voicings

We are so easily stolen by sweet solos and forget that most of the times we play chords.


Chording is the ability to choose and cleanly play the right chords at the right time. Mastering this technique is another goal that you should have in mind, when it comes to playing guitar.  In combination with soloing, chording will ultimately lead to musical freedom of expression - which, in modest terms, means that you can play whatever you want, sound awesome and be aligned with the tune (or the rest of the band).


This workshop provides loads of knowledge about:


  • how to group chords according to their theoretical characteristics
  • chord patterns on each group of strings and easy ways to memorise them
  • harmonisation and reharmonisation principles

NOTE 1: Limited number of seats. Reserve yours now!

NOTE 2: To attend this class you are expected to have minimum music theory knowledge.

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