Meet the Prof

Gabriel Roman

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the Prof’s educational & career highlights.
The educational background is formed in Romania (home country), while the career trajectory is mostly ’drawn’ in Denmark (the Prof’s adoptive country 🇩🇰).


2011-2018 experience
Copenhagen offers the rhytmic music experience. The Prof’s live & studio projects (2011-2013) approach the jazz, world & fusion music genres and take place in CPH & its surroundings. The multitude of gigs, jam sessions & musical bootcamps serve as creative inspiration for the development (2014-2017) of GuitarProf’s study methodology.


2007-2010 experience
The musical background @ ’Gheorghe Dima’ Academy of Music originates in the theoretical departments of Musicology and Pedagogy. Extra-curricular highlights include the Big Band experience, Jazz Aesthetics & sound engineering classes, as well as key-contribution to rhytmic music bands or choirs. When he is not on stage or in the studio, the Prof focuses on teaching (private & in high/schools) and on his Music Teacher Diploma & Certification.


2003-2006 experience
In the undergraduate years, the Prof’s musical experience begins with playing acoustic guitar & bass in various local pop-rock projects, continues with long-term stage contribution in Romania’s main student centres and culminates with co-founding his first fusion jazz band, that makes the transition from classic to contemporary and places the first fundamental stone for @GuitarProf.

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